Behavioural Insights Programme 2020

Applications for the LGA Behavioural Insights grant funded programme are now open.

Local authorities are invited to apply for £20,000 from the LGA to contribute towards the delivery of a behavioural insights project aimed at changing, or sustaining a behaviour, which has arisen in communities during the COVID-19 crisis.  As the funding is very competitive, we encourage high quality applications from councils looking to partake in a different and innovative project.

Behavioural insights have been used across public services to generate low cost interventions to improve outcomes for local people. The approach is based on the idea that interventions aimed at encouraging people to make better choices for themselves and society will be more successful if they are based on insights from behavioural science.

The LGA is willing to contribute £20,000 per project for up to eight projects focusing on managing demand into overstretched local services whilst living with COVID-19. Successful projects will receive £20,000 and be required to make up the difference to commission a behavioural insights supplier. They will design and deliver an evidence based behavioural insights trial, to include a robust evaluation of the impact of the trial.

The LGA will be giving priority to applications from organisations who have not worked in the area of behavioural insights before. We do however encourage applications from everyone.

Induction event

The LGA Behavioural Insights Programme phase 6 induction event will take place on 20 January 2021. If successful, a project manager from the authority will be required to attend.

Application form

You can apply to this year's programme using our online application form.

Top tips for applying
  • First, ask yourselves, ‘what is the behaviour you are looking to change?’ This will help to focus your mind on what you are trying to achieve.
  • Think about how many people will be part of your trial e.g randomised control trials need to access around 2,000 people to be statistically viable
  • Each council is permitted to submit one application each
  • Check out the LGA behavioural insight webpages to ensure that your proposal is different to projects which the LGA has previously funded. Those which are too similar are not likely to be funded and very new ideas will stand a better chance in what is sure to be a competitive field.
  • Finally, we are looking for high quality, measureable and scalable applications that can make a real difference to people’s lives.
Deadline for applications

Deadline for applications: Thursday 29 October 2020 at 5pm

If you have any queries please email