LGBT+ Councillors' Forum

LGBT+ Councillors are already making a big difference in building a free and open society, in communities up and down the country. LGBT+ Liberal Democrats are hosting a number of Councillors' Forums over the next few weeks for LGBT+ councillors to share their experiences and discuss how they can best support each other in their work, and how they can get more LGBT+ Councillors elected.

The first meeting will see Councillor Mark Cory, the Liberal Democrat Leader of Colchester City Council, one of the party's youngest council leaders and a rising star in the sector, talking about his experiences of being gay and a teacher in his Essex home town and leading a cross party coalition running the council. The meeting takes place on Thursday 3 September at 7pm.

The second meeting LGBT+ Liberal Democrats will be joined by South Somerset District Council Leader Councillor Val Ketch who will be talking about her experiences of standing and getting elected in a rural community in the South West; how she took over the leadership of this long standing Liberal Democrat Council; the challenges she has faced in being from the LGBT+ community; and how she has overcome them. The meeting takes place on Monday 7 September at 3pm.