Protecting vulnerable people during the COVID-19 outbreak

Many councils will already have made significant progress in developing systems to support and protect people who are vulnerable as a result of the COVID-19 emergency, and this note is therefore intended to assist them by providing a point of cross-reference.

Vulnerability may present itself in many different ways during the weeks and months of the national emergency response. The Government has produced guidance on the approach agreed to supporting those who are clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19, and we have included work to support the ‘shielded group’ within the scope of this document. However, we have also provided this overview of the other work taking place, led largely by councils and with key roles for other partners, particularly the voluntary and community sector (VCS), to protect other vulnerable groups.

The LGA continues to engage with a wide range of councils and partners, and is continuing to highlight to Government the needs and priorities of councils in regard to supporting vulnerable people. In particular, we have emphasised that there is a clear need for councils to be adequately resourced to provide this additional support and to have the data needed to inform this. We have stressed the need for the learning to inform the developing test, track and trace programme. We will continue to work closely with you over the coming weeks to support local leadership of local solutions.

As with other guidance issued in this unprecedented situation, this document is current as at the date set out above. The briefing is now supplemented with case studies from councils and a series of Covid-19 FAQs. Follow up briefings include

Updates and further information will continue to be placed on our website.

Protecting vulnerable people during the COVID-19 outbreak
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