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A Youth Justice System that Works for Children

The LGA alongside the Association of Directors of Children's Services (ADCS) and the Association of Youth Offending Teams (YOT) Managers, have produced this joint policy position paper highlighting the challenges facing the youth justice system.

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Spending Review 2021 departmental supplement: Department for Education

This supplement to the LGA’s Spending Review submission sets out further proposals which we would like to work with the Government on implementing. It should be read together with the main submission which also contains proposals relevant to various Government departments.

Tackling child exploitation resources pack front cover

Tackling child exploitation: resources pack

As local leaders and community representatives, councillors have responsibilities to help protect children in their area. Being aware of the signs of child exploitation, understanding what to do if you have concerns and knowing what questions to be asking of local services is key. This resources pack explores this, and showcases innovative work going on around the country to prevent child exploitation.

front cover for must know online harms publications

Must Know: Online harms

The purpose of this guide is to raise awareness about online harms and empower councillors by providing an introduction to online risks, an overview of the Online Safety Bill, key considerations, signposting to useful resources, as well as a checklist to support effective decision making.

White cover publication saying Your first ten days as a lead member for children's services in green writing

Your first ten days as a lead member for children's services

This guide is intended to help provide some structure to your first few days in office, and to cut through some of the initial ‘noise’, so that you can focus on what’s important straight away, and what you need to be thinking about going forward. 

Planning, commissioning, funding, and supporting post-16 high needs students - report cover icon

Planning, commissioning, funding and supporting post-16 high needs students

In January 2020, the Local Government Association, the Association of Colleges and Natspec commissioned acl consulting to undertake a review of arrangements for planning, commissioning, funding, and supporting provision for post-16 high needs students.

Children missing education - report cover image

Children missing education

This research was commissioned by the Local Government Association in December 2019 in response to a growing concern that more and more children were missing out on their entitlement to a formal full-time education.

A child-centred recovery - cover

A child-centred recovery

This document outlines our ambitions for a child-centred recovery, drawing together every aspect of policy and service delivery to create the places people want to live in and plan for the future.

The cover of 'Evaluation of the LGA Sector Led Improvement programme for Children’s Services'

Evaluation of the LGA Sector Led Improvement programme for Children’s Services

Findings of the evaluation, undertaken by Shared Intelligence, of the Children’s Services SLI Programme delivered by the LGA.

Sector-led improvement
Changes to local authority powers and duties: Adoption, fostering and care planning and health protection resulting from Coronavirus Regulations 2020 COVER

Changes to local authority powers and duties resulting from Coronavirus Regulations 2020: Adoption, fostering and care planning and health protection

This is a guide to the provisions of the Adoption and Children (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 and the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 including amendments, and to new, modified or suspended local government powers and duties applicable to local authorities in England only up to 2 June 2020.