Board Members

The Conservative Group annually appoints a number of Conservative councillors to serve on the various member bodies at the LGA.

Children and Young People Board

Cllr Teresa Heritage, Hertfordshire CC, Vice-Chairman
Cllr Susie Charles, Lancashire CC, Member
Cllr Matthew Golby, Northamptonshire CC, Member
Cllr Roger Gough, Kent CC, Member
Cllr Dick Madden, Essex CC, Member
Cllr Laura Mayes, Wiltshire Council, Member
Cllr Patricia Bradwell OBE, Lincolnshire CC, Member
Cllr James Hockney, London Borough of Enfield, Substitute
Cllr Mark Sutton, Staffordshire CC, Substitute
Cllr Warren Whyte, Buckinghamshire CC, Substitute

City Regions
Cllr Abi Brown, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Vice-Chairman
Cllr Robert Alden, Birmingham City Council, Member
Cllr Donna Jones, Portsmouth City Council, Member
Cllr Joanne Laban, London Borough of Enfield, Member
Cllr Toby Savage, West of England Combined Authority, Member
Cllr Barry Anderson, Leeds City Council, Substitute
Cllr Dan Fitzhenry, Southampton City Council, Substitute
Cllr Julia Lepoidevin, Coventry City Council, Substitute
Community Wellbeing
Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Oxfordshire CC, Chairman
Cllr David Fothergill, Somerset CC, Member
Cllr Adrian Hardman, Worcestershire CC, Member
Cllr Colin Noble, Suffolk CC, Member
Cllr Jonathan Owen, East Riding of Yorkshire, Member
Cllr Judith Wallace, North Tyneside Council, Member
Cllr Sue Woolley, Lincolnshire CC, Member
Cllr David Coppinger, Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, Substitute
Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald, Peterborough City Council, Substitute
Cllr Arnold Saunders, Salford City Council, Substitute
Culture, Tourism and Sport 
Cllr Peter Golds CBE, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Deputy Chairman
Cllr Derek Bastiman, Scarborough Borough Council, Member
Cllr Matthew Lee, South Kestevan District Council, Member
Cllr Catherine Homer, Northumberland CC, Member
Cllr Barry Lewis, Derbyshire County Council, Member
Cllr Phil Seeva, Cornwall Council, Member
Cllr Nick Worth, South Holland DC, Member
Cllr David Jeffels, North Yorkshire CC, Substitute
Cllr Colin Morgan, Daventry Council, Substitute
Cllr Karen Rampton, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, Substitute
Environment, Economy, Housing and Transport
Cllr David Renard, Swindon Borough Council, Chairman
Cllr Peter Butlin, Warwickshire CC, Member
Cllr Mark Crane Selby, District Council, Member
Cllr Mark Hawthorne MBE, Gloucestershire CC, Member
Cllr Patrick Nicholson, Plymouth City Council, Member
Cllr NIck Rushton, Leicestershire CC, Member
Cllr Richard Burton, East Riding of Yorkshire, Substitute
Cllr Catherine Rankin, Kent CC, Substitute
Cllr Linda Taylor, Cornwall Council, Member
Cllr Andy Mackiewicz, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, substitute
Fire Services Management Committee
Cllr Nick Chard, Kent CC, Deputy Chairman
Cllr Eric Carter, Telford & Wrekin Council, Member
Cllr Mark Healey MBE, Somerset CC, Member
Cllr Roger Hirst, Essex Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner Fire & Rescue Authority, Member
Cllr Rebecca Knox, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service, Member
Cllr David Cannon, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Substitute
Cllr David Norman MBE, Gloucestershire CC, Substitute
Cllr Colin Spence, Suffolk County Council, Substitute
Improvement and Innovation
Cllr Peter Fleming OBE, Sevenoaks District Council, Chairman
Cllr Philip Broadhead Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, Member
Cllr Nigel Ashton, North Somerset Council, Member
Cllr Carl Les North Yorkshire County Council, Member
Cllr Laura Miller, Dorset Council, Member
Cllr Damian White, London Borough of Havering, Member
Cllr Phil North Test Valley Borough Council, Member
Cllr Kelham Cooke, South Kesteven District Council, Substitute
Cllr Rory Love OBE, Kent CC, Substitute
Cllr Phil Murphy, Monmouthshire Council, Substitute
People and places
Cllr Kevin Bentley, Essex CC, Chairman
Cllr Morris Bright MBE, Hertsmere Borough Council, Member
Cllr Rachel Bailey, Cheshire East Council, Member
Cllr Paul Findlow (Cheshire East Council)
Cllr Marc Bayliss Worcester City Council, Member
Cllr Neil Clarke MBE Rushcliffe Borough Council, Member
Cllr Keith Glazier East Sussex CC, Member
Cllr Diane Marsh, Gravesham Borough Council, Member
Cllr Eddie Reeves, Oxfordshire CC, Member
Cllr Martin Tett, Buckinghamshire CC, Member
Cllr Bradley Thomas, Wychavon District Council, Member
Cllr Robert Waltham MBE , North Lincolnshire Council, Member
Cllr Jane Murphy, South Oxfordshire District Council, Substitute
Cllr Barry Wood, Cherwell District Council, Substitute
Cllr Colin Davie, Lincolnshire County Council, Substititue
Cllr Tim Oliver, Surrey CC, Vice-Chairman
Cllr Philip Atkins OBE, Staffordshire CC, Member
Cllr David Finch, Essex CC, Member
Cllr Dan Humphreys, Worthing Council, Member
Cllr Peter Jackson, Northumberland CC, Member
Cllr Roger Phillips, Herefordshire Council, Member
Cllr Richard Wenham, Central Bedfordshire Council, Member
Cllr Andrew Leadbetter, Exeter City Council, Substitute
Cllr David Leaf, London Borough of Bexley, Substitute
Cllr Graham Gibbens, Kent County Council, Substitute
Safer and Stronger Communities
Cllr Katrina Wood, Wycombe District Council, Vice-Chairman
Cllr Eric Allen, London Borough of Sutton, Member
Cllr Mohan Iyengar, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, Member
Cllr Andrew Joy, Hampshire CC, Member
Cllr John Pennington, Bradford MDC, Member
Cllr Dave Stewart, Isle of Wight Council, Member
Cllr Richard Auger, Daventry District Council, Substitute
Cllr James Gartside, Rochdale Borough Council, Substitute
Cllr Lois Samuel , West Devon Borough Council, Member
Cllr Paul Findlow, Cheshire East Council, Substitute