The LGA Independent Group Climate Change Conference, Friday 18 March 2022

We are very excited to be able to bring back our March Climate Conference for 2022! This year the conference will be run as a hybrid event, so please do sign up to join us online if you are unable to come along in person.

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For those attending in person, the conference is being held at the LGA Offices, 18 Smith Square SW1P 3HZ


Timing Title Speaker
10:15am OPEN and tea/coffee and networking   
10.50am Introductions from the Chair  Councillor Marianne Overton 
11.00am - 11.15am The Climate Change imperative Baroness Brown of Cambridge 
11.15am - 11.30am Wellbeing for Future Generations  Sophie Howes – Future Generation Commissioner Wales 
11.30 - 11.45am The Climate Change Emergency  Paul Behrens – Assistant Professor Universiteit Leiden 
11.45am - 12.05pm Panel Q&A session  Councillor Marianne Overton 
12.05pm - 12.20pm Sussex Retrofit Local Hub  Lewes District Council – Cllr Matthew Bird, Cabinet Member for Sustainability
12.20pm - 12.35pm Passivhaus solutions  Emma Osmundsen – MD Exeter City Living  
12.35pm - 12.55pm Questions Councillor Marianne Overton 
13.00pm - 13.45pm LUNCH and NETWORKING   
13.45pm - 13.40pm PM Chair introduction  Councillor Andrew Cooper  
13.50pm - 14.05pm Leadership on Climate Change and Sustainability  TBC
14.05pm - 14.15pm Questions  Councillor Andrew Cooper 
14.15pm - 15.15pm

Parallel session

Carbon Literacy

14.15pm - 15.15pm

Parallel session

Energy Efficiency support

Local Partnerships
14.15pm - 15.15pm

Parallel session

Scoring climate change plans

Climate Emergency UK - Councillor Kevin Frea
14.15pm - 15.15pm

Parallel session

Net Zero Navigator tool

One Planet / Catapult
15.15pm - 15.30pm National and international networking and support on climate change action Climate Futures - Andy Deacon
15.30pm - 15.45pm  Questions Councillor Andrew Cooper
15.45pm Summary, thanks and CLOSE Councillor Marianne Overton

*The parallel sessions at 14.15pm are all 25 minute sessions with a five minute changeover, allowing attendees to choose two out of the four sessions.