Lib Dem environmental action on Cornwall Council from 2017 to 2021

Below is a record of Lib Dem environmental action on Cornwall Council from 2017 - 2021.

  • Declared a climate emergency, leading action to make Cornwall carbon neutral
  • Invested in renewable technologies for Cornwall’s future prosperity, including pioneering deep geothermal to generate energy from hot rocks underground – which has also enabled exploratory research finding “globally significant” lithium resources , taking us closer to commercial production.
  • Installed Cornwall’s first new wind turbine since 2016. The 2.3 mega watt smart grid enabled turbine at Ventonteague is generating enough power for over 1,400 homes; cutting carbon emissions by 3,300 tonnes every year
  • Increased the percentage of electricity demand in Cornwall that comes from renewable sources to 40 per cent, and ensured that all of Cornwall Council’s electricity is from renewable sources
  • Achieved a 4.2 per cent increase in recycling - equivalent to an extra 3,000 tonnes of household waste being reused, protecting our planet’s precious resources
  • Bringing more land in Cornwall into active management for environmental gain, meaning we are now growing nature on an extra 10,000 hectares of land - including greening over 40 hectares of urban spaces in seven towns across Cornwall through our Making Space for Nature scheme
  • Been nationally recognised for its success in growing nature as one of only five councils chosen by Government to pilot Nature Recovery Strategies
  • Achieved blue flag status and seaside awards for eight beaches in Cornwall.
  • Invested in flood prevention schemes such as St Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration, and led the emergency response to help our communities recover swiftly from major floods e.g. the 2018 Coverack floods

Councillor Edwina Hannaford
Councillor Edwina Hannaford, Deputy Mayor (West Looe Ward), Cornwall Councillor for Looe West, Pelynt, Lansallos and Lanteglos