Climate action: the green economy

How can we promote climate education, diversify the labour market and focus on sectors that are sustainable?

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Local Green Jobs report - accelerating a sustainable economic recovery

In collaboration with Ecuity Consulting, the Local Government Association has published research which considers the projected net zero jobs and the associated skills demands across England by 2030 and 2050. Accompanying this report is a dataset which includes the results of the employment projections made by low-carbon sub-sector, local authority and across two time-periods (2030 and 2050).

Creating local green jobs

As part of our support to councils on the green economic recovery, we have brought together a selection of local government economic and climate change officers and members from a variety of councils to share experiences and learn together, as they progress towards a green economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. These ‘leading and learning together’ sessions will be based on Action Learning Set (ALS) principles.

Building on the LGA green jobs report (2020), the intention is to bring together officers and members (separately to each other) to work through challenges to find common solutions. Whilst each local situation will be different and have its own challenges, these collective experiences will be invaluable to the sector to inform practice and policy development, and to provide a space for personal reflection and mutual support. The shared learning, top tips, case studies and journeys will be shared with the rest of local government so that every council can benefit. This offer will be part of our sector led improvement programme across both the climate change and economic growth programmes.

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Case studies 

Lewes District Council

Green economic recovery in Lewes District Council
Feb 2021

Resources from elsewhere

ADEPT's policy position on green growth

The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) has launched its key policy position on clean and green growth, saying we need to ‘build back green’ to both create jobs and build resilience, post COVID-19.

International Labour Organisation (2019): Skills for a Greener Future 

Based on 32 countries, this report examines what is driving the change in skills, the employment affects of the greening economy, the changing of skills and occupations and what is needed in the future for a circular economy. 

Leeds University: Propositions for post-coronavirus economy packages

Dr Paul Brockway and fellow researchers conducted a systematic review which indicates that carbon emissions and GDP are unlikely to decouple enough to rely on green growth to meet climate targets.

Green Alliance: Using local industrial strategies to drive change

This report was produced in response to over two hundred local authorities declaring climate emergencies. It identifies that the challenge now is for local policy makers to translate this momentum into co-ordinated action. In all fields there will be commercial potential to create and drive new markets, replacing high carbon with low carbon activity.

Looking at England, this report explains why a successful approach to reaching the national net zero goal should also focus on local industrial strategies. It sets out criteria for success at the local level and what national government can do to help.

Green Alliance: Blueprint for a resilient economy

A report published in response to the government's economic rescue package in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. It sets out five building blocks that would support new long term employment opportunities, thriving businesses and a healthier, fairer society, whilst protecting against the potentially devastating future impacts of climate change and nature’s decline:

  • Invest in net zero infrastructure
  • Restore nature
  • Stop wasting valuable resources
  • Ensure clean air and healthy places
  • Make the recovery fair

Full briefings on each of these areas can also be found via the source link.