Strategic Commissioning

This relates to the decision’s councils make about their longer-term approach to social care in their area and the function of market shaping.

Market Shaping

Activities to influence and shape the local social care sector (often this is part of a wider approach that reflects all aspects of a place or area). This typically, but not always, involves developing new or additional provision and also often involves changes in the relationship between commissioners and people that provide and access care and support.


Transforming Care: Innovation. SCIE. 2021

A range of resources, reports and case studies from Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) which explore innovative, small-scale models of health, social care and support could be scaled up to improve support.

New Models of Home Care. Kings Fund. 2018

This report explores some emerging innovative models and approaches to commissioning and delivering home care and considers their potential to provide care that is more closely aligned with what people want.

Market Shaping in adult social care. IPC. 2017

This report analyses changes in the care home market in England before and after the Care Act (2014) and summarises experience from the Institute for Public Care (IPC)'s work on market shaping.

Market Shaping Overview. DHSC. 2016

This document from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) aims to help people and organisations understand adult social care market shaping and how to take action. It defines roles and responsibilities within adult social care markets.

Market Position Statement Guidance. IPC. 2016

This guidance highlights good practice and tools for market position statement (MPS) development and aims to help local authorities understand how to use them to best effect in market shaping.

Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities to have better lives: Outcomes and Improvement Framework. LGA, ADASS

A outcomes and improvement framework which aims of helping local authorities identify how they can improve how they support adults with learning disabilities and autism and how they can be assured that the care and support in their area is good value for money. 

Workforce commissioning, planning and transformation resources. Skills for Care

Skills for Care have a wide range guidance and tools to help both providers and commissioners to shape, commission, plan and develop the adult social care workforce.

Market Position Statements Database. IPC  

The Institute for Public Care (IPC) hold a database of all published market position statements (MPS) in England.



Personalisation is about ensuring people with care and support needs can lead the lives they want and that social care services can work with people as partners to make this happen.


Making It Real - personalised care and support. TLAP. 2018
Making it Real is a framework developed by Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) and sector partners on how to deliver good, personalised care and support across the health, care and housing sectors.

Person-Centred Approaches Framework. Health Education England, Skills for Health, and Skills for Care. 2017
This framework aims to distil best practice in person-centred approaches in health and social care and to set out core, transferable behaviours, knowledge and skills.

Personalised Commissioning in Adult Social Care. NAO. 2016
This report from the National Audit Office (NAO) gives a review of progress with personalised commissioning. It looks at the practical challenges and opportunities associated with implementing personalised commissioning given the current financial environment and the extension of personal budgets into healthcare.


Asset Based Approaches

A shift from a more traditional deficit-based model to asset-based commissioning, which recognises that community assets and individual strengths are key building blocks in delivering high quality, personalised care. 


Asset-Based Places. SCIE. 2021
A range of resources, including a framework and case studies, which support local areas to enable asset-based approaches, and highlight emerging models and approaches.

Strengths Based Approaches. SCIE. 2021
A range of resources which describe how strength-based approaches work in a variety of interventions and settings and provide information on how to enable and implement a strength-based approach.

How-To Guides for creating an asset-based area. TLAP. 2018
A series of 13 How-to guides from Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) to taking an asset-based approach to commissioning and providing services. 

How Do Asset-Based Areas Commission? Public Service Transformation Academy. 2017
This article sets out six key features that characterise asset-based commissioning as well as questions commissioners should ask themselves when looking to be asset-based. 


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